Monday, November 23, 2009

monday bits & bobs

available now on etsy
#88 wool-backed scarf w/patchwork of anna maria horner fabrics and embroidered detail

available now on etsy

#89 - a little tree in the backyard that i've been artistically shaping.
i've tied it and twisted it to itself now for two years.
i think i'll make husband dig it up and bring it along when we move.

#90 - a creative closet door solution in our upstairs bathroom (ikea fabrics, of course)
collaboration with husband (he did the bits that needed building).

* * *

the part about customer service

last week, i complained about the new photo uploader here in blogger. rather loudly and petulantly (because i hate it) on twitter and on the blogger in draft blog. some people were quick to encourage me to switch to wordpress. (shhh, i might have even created MPC over on wordpress in a fit of pique.) but, i want to say that two very cool things happened. one, when i complained loudly on twitter, a member of the blogger team in krakow immediately responded, asked me to clarify my problem and gave me a fix, all in 140 characters or less and within minutes of my complaining tweet. then, on friday, one of the blogger team - you know, one of those people with an actual email address - contacted me and asked me to clarify the comments i left on the blogger in draft post. i answered and she answered me again right away, letting me know that they'd try to incorporate my suggestions (more than 5 photos and not all popping in at once) as they fine-tune the photo uploader. now how's that for customer service? awesomeness. no wonder these people are controlling the weather. so i'm SO not switching to wordpress.

and speaking of customer service, i'm still waiting for those technical support clowns folks at etsy to give me a response to an issue i reported there clear back on THURSDAY. what's up with that? etsy totally sucks at customer service. boo.

last monday, i was at a grocery store far from home (over near ikea) and just as i paid, the register went down, but not before the card machine told me my purchase was approved. however, the machine couldn't generate a receipt, so i was forced to go through on another cash register and pay a second time. on friday, i went back with a printout of my bank account, showing the two identical amounts they had taken from me, right in a row, and they refunded one of them. i dared to say that i thought i deserved a little something for my time and for the fact that i had to drive all the way back to that store, because their customer service was so bad that i couldn't go to my local one to get the money back. and i threatened to spread the word about their bad customer service on twitter and facebook. and because i dared to ask, i got a really nice bottle of australian cabernet sauvignon reserve. if you don't dare to ask, you'll never get anything. never underestimate the power of social media.

* * *

i've done my first ever guest post over on A New Simple Something! today, be sure to stop by and do a little window shopping in copenhagen! i was so happy Shokoofeh asked me to be one of her guests while she takes a little breather to gather her inspiration once again. isn't the blogosphere wonderful that we can do these things for one another? do be sure to stay and look around a bit, Shokoofeh has a really beautiful blog and there are lots of awesome guest posts over the past week!


M.M.E. said...

Haha. I love the door solution. You have a wonderful little blog here. I can't wait to see what you post next.

Polly said...

I'm completely not surprised by the immediate response of blog team from Krakow. After all, us Krakowians are kind, efficient, helpful, resourceful...

Off to A New Simple Something now.

*jean* said...

oo your photos are so fun! good news about blogger, i too, have some issues but they always get resolved! hey, did you get the stamps i mailed?? haven't heard so am wondering...cheers!!

SE'LAH... said...

ok, first your pillows and that scarf are fab!

you crack me up with the customer service bit. I had to call the American Girl store customer service today myself.

Life's a peach.


Anonymous said...

such wonderful pics...thanks for sharing. have a great day...and thank you for your wise words.

kristina said...

the doors in the bathroom are beautiful!

jane said...

love those doors. the fabric is fab! have a great week! besos!

Unknown said...

I really like all the pillows you've been making!
Of course I know Blogger rocks, but I'm really surprised about Etsy! Such a shame, specially cause they're on Twitter all the time!

spudballoo said...

I'm loving the doors and the pillows especially!

V cool re blogger help. You know, BT helped me on Twitter to get my old email back up. It was so cool, didn't have to deal with a call centre, they just fixed it for me after I whined about them on Twitter. it's a brilliant service, you know, actually LISTENING to customers...

Shame on Etsy though, because that's a huge business and you PAY for it. And you've complained enough times on Twitter, they should be all over it. They are quick enough to promote themselves on Twitter, why aren't they listening?

Power to the [social networking crazed] people.

PS Word veri is chinter. I like that. To chinter, perhaps that's shorthand for 'to bitch about lack of good service on social networking sites'. I chint, therefore I am etc etc

Zuzana said...

I agree, they should have given you a gift for your trouble. Once I got the wrong parcel from H&M and they send me the correct parcel for free plus gave me a gift card.;) Yes, that is a great customer service in my book.;)

rxBambi said...

Ok I know I've said this to you about a bazillion times, but you're amazing. Not only the creative stuff (which is, btw, amazing) but also the whole blogger/grocery store thing. I'd have probably just pouted. That's why I want to be you. Starting now. No... Now.

ps - do I sound like a stalker? I kinda think I'm sounding like a stalker. A very sad, lonely, nutty stalker. Oh well. I don't have an ax.

Jenna said...

I love your pictures! They are simply stunning!