Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this girl...

i thought it was time to update my long-ago this girl post, because it starts to feel like i'm a slightly different girl now, tho' much of that post is undoubtedly still true. life doesn't stand still.

this girl...

...rests more easily in herself these days. she feels sure of her decisions and her place in the world. she knows what she wants and has at least an idea of the first steps towards getting it. times feels impatient with the pace of things. she wishes they would just happen already.

...doesn't always use her time as wisely as she could.

...has a much better idea of what she needs from the people around her and especially from her work than she once did.

...believes that writing is the new praying. moving towards living a more creative life.

...has a more generous spirit than she sometimes lets on.

...has SO many ideas. so many that it's sometimes quite paralyzing.

...isn't that fond of sentimentality. or sap. or fake people. or people whose contribution to a conversation is about something they once saw on a reality t.v. show.

...finds the universe a mysterious place at times.

...really wants to simplify, but finds it difficult. and she also has a terrible time getting rid of stuff.

...wonders if she has enjoyed the child enough and isn't really ready for her to be a 'tween and start texting and hiding in her room and all that.

...has realized that followers come and go and that's just life. and the same is true with friends. still nikon not canon. a mac not a PC. iPhone not blackberry. more barthes than baudrillard. murakami not dan brown (in fact, she feels a bit uncomfortable putting them together in a binary). more big ten than ivy league. more cook than chef. black tea not green. salty not sweet.

...loves a latté in the early afternoon and a glass of wine in the evening. a sucker for a british crime show (morse, midsomer, frost, bergerac, taggart, lynley - you name it).

...loves learning and searching and trying new things.

...needs to laugh every single day. still a bee charmer.

and who are you boys and girls? (give it a try, it's really fun to write in the 3rd person.)


Ju said...

Firstly I love the new picture with longer lighter hair.
Secondly this post made me feel all positive and inspired too, specially this quote:' ..believes that writing is the new praying'.
As for me:
This girl ...feels grown up and childish at the same time.
...enjoys more and more experimenting with culinary.
...takes great pleasure in spending time with daughters but also going to work.
..misses her family in Brazil but looks forward to the next encounter. looking forward to a date with husband tomorrow night.

Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow (I believe you celebrate)

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Love your list - and your blog. One proviso - it always takes an inordinate time to load - I have to wait and wait - and I do not experience this on any other blogs that I visit. Does anyone else experience this? I am wondering if it is the size of your images.
I can't resist coming here and reading your posts - but I always end up annoyed about having to wait about 2 minutes before everything falls into place.
Perhaps it is my computer - but I only experience it here. Would love to hear others' experiences.

Char said...

...this girl is finding her footing underneath her again, and likes that a pc, canon and iphone and is comfortable with that.
...can be a bit of a moosh around those she loves (and even those she likes now and again) crafty at heart but isn't very good at it
...has lost her footing photography wise but is confident she will find it again definitely a cook and never a chef - probably because she's just too picky. a fantastic aunt, good sister and all around decent person
...also realizes there will be many opening and closing doors in her life - some she wanted and some she won't and is taking flying lessons for the times the right door opens.

Relyn Lawson said...

I so much love these This Girl posts. When I first read Gillian's I thought I should write one. You make me wish I had. Of course, I still can, but what fun to see me then and now.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I've always wondered...just how does one charm a bee?

rxBambi said...

Can you charm wasps and hornets? I can. With Raid. Seriously, I hate anything that'll buzz my head. Except for maybe a dive bombing kiss from hubby, but that doesn't happen often enough to count.
I love the "this girl" post...

Katea said...

Love the post, and the blog, but yes, it does take forever and ever to load. I go do something else and come back after a few minutes. So this girl an impatient an avid reader of books...loves a rainy day...adores big beautiful old silent trees...hates people who leave lights on when there is no one in the room...tries to love her work without letting it take over her life...seeks a surer footing, and knows that it will come.

julochka said...

Ju- the hair is getting longer, especially when i flat iron it. i'm glad it made you feel positive and inspired! and i love your list too.

Bonnie - you're the second one to tell me this, i've now made adjustments, please let me know if it helped.

Char - I totally love your list. and i know you'll find your photo mojo again. i think it's something that ebbs and flows.

Relyn - me too, that's why i had to do another one.

TFM - i explain the bee charming here:

Bambi - i'm not so fond of wasps and hornets and would use raid if it were legal here, which it's not, because that's some seriously poisonous shit.

Classic - let me know if it loads better now that i changed some things! and i totally agree with you on that light thing...and the trees. thanks for stopping by!

happy thanksgiving everyone!

Unknown said...

I'm going to have to revisit mine too!

M said...

I love this post! I was looking for something to write while vegging out to the Tom & Jerry marathon they are showing right now (thank God for the holidays), and I think I've found something :)

Oh yeah, and this girl:
--finally appreciates her height...

--loves her Florida but has a mental love affair with NY...

--also believes that writing is the new praying... it's got to be, because it saved my life :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

Stacey Childs said...

I think I will. Once I get around to it... Writing is the new praying... sounds like you are a convert!

Unknown said...

hmm... this girl is really remarkable :)

d smith kaich jones said...

This girl wonders about the followers thing, and thinks the word followers is just a bit much and that Blogger could surely have some up with something less Messianic (and I'm not gonna look up the spelling on that, I'm just going with the flow). In fact, I kind of think Blogger should be ashamed of itself for coming up with the idea in the first place. And yes, I have followers, and I appreciate all, but I don't put the follower thingy on my blog, and I hate that I notice when the numbers change. Pretty soon Blogger will be having a Prom Queen & King.

I'm just sayin' . . .

:) Debi

d smith kaich jones said...

Umm, that should be come up, not some up. :)

christina said...

Hello beautiful!
I am going to do this. You inspire me!