Monday, March 26, 2012

magical place, magical light

we have this magical little forest at the end of our lake. i've actually told you about it before. it's a bit swampy and you've got to wear your wellies, but it's well worth walking down when you need to clear a bit of writer's block and calm your over-active mind. and with the sun at its setting angle on the horizon - it was better and more relaxing than a glass of wine.* the trees are close and it's a rather dramatic place. but also quiet and primordial and deep and waiting. almost breathing around you. and you can't help but feel that if you just held still enough, you would be witness to something magical.

*i bet you never thought you'd hear me say that. 


celkalee said...

what kind of trees are those? They look rather imposing to me. They remind me of an overgrowth area at the back of the adjoining property where two large ponds used to be. Don't know where they went either. Got stuck in the mud there once with child and dog. Not fun.

will said...

I believe I've looked at every photo you've ever posted ... and we've talked about the art of photography several times.

Photo no. 1 is terrific. It's transformative, ethereal and possibly one of the best you've ever posted. This photo needs no explanation or unnecessary description, the use of light, the blend of real and imagined creates visual poetry ... The elemental starkness, the mystery ... You've created a photo which must be looked and thought about. Bravo.

Sammi said...

i wonder if a walk around there would cure my writers block style neglect of my twothousandmiles blog, i have been blogging privately only on livejournal but not here on blogger at all..