Wednesday, March 28, 2012

naturally-dyed easter eggs

nettles (learned that they don't work), beets, turmeric, red cabbage + vinegar, red cabbage without vinegar
beets, turmeric, red cabbage + vinegar, red cabbage without vinegar. two eggs fit in each honey jar.
the dark blue is the result of the red cabbage without vinegar
the marbled look was produced by bubbles that appeared to be created by the vinegar in the dyes, as there were no bubbles in the jar without vinegar.

i made some easter eggs with natural dyes. i used the advice from here, despite the fact that one of the tags on that blog is about potty training. no potties were trained during the making of these eggs. i used stuff i had in my kitchen - red cabbage, beets, turmeric and i even tried some nettles (they don't work). i love the colors they turned out to be. the eggs were provided by our chickens. they're good that way. and while their eggs aren't white, they're a very light tan, so they color very nicely.


Magpie said...

Slip the papery skins off some onions, red or yellow. Wrap them around fresh eggs, securing with rubber bands. Boil until done. They come out beatutifully marbled.

Sammi said...

i am going to ask a stupid question! do they have shells on, or are they hardboiled eggs? i really like the cabbage without vinegar one, it's so pretty and dark!