Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring cleaning

these two springy 'bobs are nesting now that spring has arrived.
in honor of spring, i did a bit of freshening up around here today. if you checked in this morning my time, it was a big, giant mess, but i like it now, tho' i'm still looking for a good set of social media buttons - ones that include facebook, twitter, google+, instagram (look for me, i'm julochka, of course) and pinterest, as those are my bloggy-related social medias of choice. if you know of any, do let me know, as my searches for that particular combo have been in vain.

it is such a relief to have sunshine today. as you undoubtedly noticed, i get positively glum and navel-gazey in the grey, drizzly weather we've had of late. but just a little bit of sunshine turns it right around.  even our chickens have been joyful today and the horses are ecstatic that we put them out on the grass. it's like the weather knew that spring was officially here. and it was just in time.

i hope it's spring where you are (or autumn, if you're down under - that's my other favorite season).


Miss Footloose said...

Here in Moldova no signs of spring yet, except it was a gloriously sunny day. I walked around town (Chisinau) and went out to lunch with friends, and walked home again and the sun was so nice and warm on my face. I am so ready for spring flowers and for the trees to turn green here so they hide the godawful Soviet era buildings.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It's springtime in Los Angles and finally warm enough here to go without a coat-- it had been way to cold for Southern California.

Glad it's brightening up in your world.

xo jj

Veronica Roth said...

In Vancouver at the moment, today felt like the first real spring day, you know, that little difference you can smell and feel in your whole body! So excited, sick to death of winter. Come on spring...bring it on! (love the new banner on the blog!)