Friday, March 15, 2013

friday confessions and some long-awaited ship pictures

in light of the new pope (is it just me or are you also humming don't cry for me argentina every time they show him on television?) i thought i'd revive my old friday confessions (tho' i remind you that i am not catholic - i was always a little envious of the catholics, just having to say a few hail marys for their sins and then going along their merry way):

~ one thing i love about living in europe is that you can wear the same clothes two (or even three) days in a row and no one thinks anything of it.

~ i am a crazy chicken lady. the antics of our chickens endlessly amuse me and i even tell stories about them. in public. the silly chicken that was sitting on 16 eggs out in the horse barn freaked out the day it snowed (it was her on the roof of the little rabbit condo) and didn't go back to the eggs, but ended up very high up in a birch tree. she even spent the night there and it was -10°C! i think she had one of those moments we all get as parents, where for one shining second, we get a very clear picture in our heads of how much work is ahead and she just freaked out at the prospect of all 16 of those eggs hatching. yesterday, i counted the eggs again and noticed there were 17 (someone's helping her out). and now, this morning, she's back on the nest. they'll never hatch, as she was off them for a good 36 hours and it was cold! but there she is. my confession is that i find this utterly charming.

~ frankie is a weirdo of a cat. he comes running when he hears running water or the vacuum cleaner. most cats run and hide, but not frankie. i confess that i find this charming as well.

~ i'm doing the oprah-chopra (that rhymes better than what they're calling it) 21-day meditation challenge. i've had a hard time shaking off a cough (surprise, surprise) and the notion of perfect health appealed to me, so i thought i'd give it a whirl. i have learned so far that i can't meditate to save my life. my mind refuses to be quiet and just let me concentrate on my breathing and the mantra. it flits off in all directions and i keep having to drag it, kicking and screaming, back to the meditation. i wonder if i'll get better with practice or if i'm just not cut out to meditate?

~ i miss how i used to be able to write things that were effortlessly funny. i'm not funny anymore and i miss it. and i don't know how to get it back. am i too content to be funny? or did i just lose my mojo?

~ i forgot all about sharing the rest of my photos from the port at esbjerg, so here they are:

a little ship being repaired in the dry dock


an adorable old wooden boat. and those chains...swoon.

a little lighthouse ship that's now a museum.

rusty and gorgeous. i kind of want to hug it.

the island commander

such an interesting coincidence that the island commander was in esbjerg last week when i was there. i was onboard this very ship when it was brand new and in the harbor in oslo during nor-shipping in 2009. this. exact. ship. it's a PSV (platform supply vessel), carrying all kinds of things back and forth to the offshore oil rigs.

* * *

happy weekend, one and all! i'm off to a weekend embroidery course with artist anne brodersen, together with my bloggy (and real life) friend elizabeth (of landanna).


Sammi said...

hey crazy chicken lady,

don't you find that when you're trying to empty your head of thoughts, i.e. before you're meditating or trying to go to sleep that is when ALL the thoughts of the WHOLE world seep in..... like in Bruce Almighty when he's trying to hear all the prayers from the whole world.

will said...

"little envious of the catholics, just having to say a few hail marys for their sins and then going along their merry way" ...

I booted the church out of my life a long time ago but I don't recall any merry ways.

Weekly visits to the confessional never made much sense - and the repetitions of various prayers was really tedious.

On the other hand, all the Religion classes about sin and what we should be confessing - that was creepy. In retrospect, the experience was nothing less than taking innocence and tossing it into a meat grinder.

Veronica Roth said...

I'm doing the oprah-chopra thing too, but, like my comments on your posts, I'm hopelessly behind!