Thursday, March 21, 2013

things to do when family comes visiting

my sister and her boyfriend and my dad are coming to visit in about a month. i hope this infernal winter is over by then, because i have lots of plans for what we're going to do. we're going to butcher a few of those excess roosters and make chicken soup, for one.

if the nettles are out, we'll have nettle pesto and nettle gnocchi.
if people aren't behaving, i'll send them out to pick nettles without gloves.

and if the dandelions have started, dandelion fritters.

we'll head out for a day (or two) at the beach at the west coast. it's always a bit cold there, it being the north sea and all, so we'll probably just have to be prepared to bundle up for that.

we'll also spend some time lazing around and napping. molly demonstrates that quite nicely, i think.

surely posh gin will be drunk. weather permitting, out the garden.

and we will visit the port in esbjerg (and probably drink some port afterwards, just to keep it within the theme).

we'll eat loads of good food, play cards and putter around in the garden. i'm hoping maybe j will take a look at what's making that rattling sound underneath the toyota. husband will undoubtedly show off his sawmill and we'll have at least one evening with a bigger group of people invited to eat, drink and laugh. it will be good to just hang out with them before they rush off to london, omaha beach and paris. so we're counting down the days.

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Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Sounds like you all will have a great time! Can I come????

Have a great evening.