Thursday, March 07, 2013

scenes from esbjerg harbor :: part 1 :: the cranes

husband says when they move these, they "walk" them across the quay. i gotta see that.

cranes on the atlantic esbjerg jack-up

cranes on the jack-up from another angle

cranes on an offshore wind farm support vessel

the cranes from the first photo and a gantry crane

lifting blades with a crane

another gantry crane and several for lifting wind turbine parts on an offshore construction vessel

offshore wind farm construction vessel - check out the blades

cranes and plane trails and that offshore windfarm construction vessel

a fetching crane against the sunset

in january, husband started a new job at the port in esbjerg on the west coast of denmark. it's a port that largely serves the oil industry, but a lot of activities surrounding offshore wind farms happen there as well. i paid a little visit the other day and i'll be sharing more photos the next few days. it was very good to be in the presence of ships again. i've got to do something about getting me some more of that. 

* * *

absolutely fascinated by artist kate skjerning's work
what she does with gauze and dandelions is breathtaking.
and under en sort sol (under a black sun) that was at the rundtårn in copenhagen - wow.

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