Saturday, March 30, 2013

scenes of viking domesticity

tho' winter is still stubbornly hanging on in the form of arctic winds, we visited a viking military fort called trelleborg this afternoon. the one in the denmark, near slagelse, not the one by the same name in sweden, which is actually thought to be part of the same complex of viking outposts from the era of harald blåtand (bluetooth - and yes, the wireless connectivity protocol is named after him).

we love to drag our child to such historic sights, increasingly kicking and screaming, as she approaches her teenage years in earnest. but making a viking flatbread "tortilla" over a smoky fire seemed to cure some of her resistance. or perhaps it was the sweet homemade butter and honey she slathered on her viking pancake. me, i love that my hair still smells of that viking fire now hours later. and i'm inspired to make a dish of leeks, apple, parsnips, cabbage and bacon, like the vikings made.

*you may be wondering why the wooden fence is a scene of viking domesticity, but i maintain that it is, as it was built to keep in precious animals - something you only did if you were settled down and domestic. 


will said...

It's important, land Vikings were not boat Vikings and boat Vikings are the ones who really matter because land Viking went on to become small time bureaucrats, TV chefs and dance instructors. Yes, it's true, just read the runes.

Veronica Roth said...

Lol, Bill!
Great photos Julie, what is that thing sticking the little pink nose out of one of the sewing baskets?

julochka said...

@Bill - there was a rune stone and i suspect you're right.

@Veronica - no idea...i was actually wondering that myself - i was so taken with the cool willow knot on the handle that i didn't actually really look at it until i got it home on the computer. :-)