Thursday, April 18, 2013

the wind has blown my thoughts into confusion

i seriously blinked and then it was thursday. where has this week gone? i'm nowhere near ready for my family to arrive, but am looking forward to it anyway. they'll just have to live with the chaos of this old, falling down house. tho' my cooking mojo has been nowhere to be found, a visit to the awesome butcher in farre and some wonderful smoked meats made locally by a friend make me think that i can at least wow them with some components of various meals.

husband is sick. really sick, as in horrible chills in the middle of the night due to his high fever. he has been in the big, comfy chair all day, under three blankets, watching netflix and drinking sprite. he's covered in a shiny glaze of fever sweat. it's not a pretty sight. i really hope he's better by tomorrow when they all get here!

the wind has blown today like a hurricane and yet the weather folks didn't say a single word about it. i was actually lifted off the ground at one point when i went outside. not really. but almost. it was that bad. i hope it stops and the weather shapes up before they land at 5:35 tomorrow. at least there's a tailwind for their trip.

we're actually happy there's no end in sight to the teacher lockout, as it means we won't have to take sabin out of school to go do fun things with family. but honestly, if i hear one more parent complain on facebook that they don't have any babysitting for their kids, i'm going to scream. is school really just babysitting to parents in this country? i haven't seen one iota of concern by a parent that they're worried their children are falling behind on what they should be learning. i know i said this already the other day, but it really gets my goat.

speaking of goats, i'd like to have one. then i'd make goat cheese. and i'm sure that would help my cooking mojo immensely.

on that note, i'm off to make up beds so people have somewhere to sleep when they come.


Monica said...

You may have another day to prepare, and regain your mojo.

Tell husband to be better already!

will said...

Soon enough you'll be selling your home grown stuff at local farmer's markets.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I sure hope your husband is on the mend and you don't catch whatever he has! There's been a terrible bug in the US with so many people miserable from it. Ick. It's time for summer and warm weather.

Glad you have family coming for a visit. That's always so much fun.

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, windless time. jj