Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a crafty day at home

my sis wanted to make some felty-stitchy bits for her bathroom back home. so we enlisted child labor. they don't have anything better to do since there's no school.

turns out you can pay the child labor in chocolate. of course there's the small issue that you have to get it at the chocolate café in the airport in amsterdam.

i made a soft leather pillow cover. i'm actually pretty pleased with myself on this one.

it has a ribbon & button closure.  i like that too.

bright bits for my sis's bathroom.

more soon.


Jody Pearl said...

Pegs for embroidery thread BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

I love the ribbon and the button closure! It looks nice :)

j. wilson said...

oooh! i can see the patchy bits hung from sticks to make a lovely mobile. the pillow is ace! i need to get off the computer and make something today!