Thursday, April 11, 2013

vignettes of a life (while we wait for spring)

i can't believe it's almost friday.
the week is flying by.
things are picking up, getting busier.
that is both good and bad.
time hurries at breakneck speed.

but we still haven't seen spring.
we've hardly even scented it on the air.
the only evidence is in the birdsong.
and even they sound a bit chilly.

i took frankie to the vet today.
he has a sore on his haunch.
he's fine, but he's wearing a collar of shame.
seeing him in it makes me laugh.
which seems a little bit mean.

i'm aware this isn't a poem.
i just wanted to play with margins.
my writing is going elsewhere this week.
can you tell?

it's like i'm only allotted a certain amount of words.
and when they're used somewhere else.
i have none left to use here.
apparently they're not like doritos.

the horses were mysteriously out in the pasture today.
i couldn't imagine how they got there.
and locked themselves in.
turns out they didn't.
a kind person driving by saw they were out.
(no one was home.)
and put them back in.
isn't that fantastic?
the danes can be nice.
when they want to be.
they just don't want to be very often.

that's not really fair.
another dane was nice today.
she gave me a whole shoebox full 
of vintage embroidery thread.
in colors from the 70s.
ones you can't get today.
it was wonderful.
and it made me happy.
i could see it made her happy too.

i'm working on a project
that i'm finding difficult (what else is new?).
it's difficult because it breaks my heart
to hear the stories i'm hearing.
i'm not sure yet what to do with them.
what i have a is a chance to make a difference.
if only i knew how.

my family will arrive in a week.
i hope the weather improves.
because this house isn't great.
and it's not going to get better in one week.
but we'll make it through.
if we stock up on gin.
and laughter.

* * *

this made me laugh so hard today.
and hysterically.

* * *

go see ulrika's gorgeous photos of kristina's wonderful home!

* * *

inspiration on making a difference here.

* * *

and a thing of dark, exquisite beauty here


Veronica Roth said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing!

Unknown said...

When my mother visited, I would even turn out the closets and make them look fresh and new.

I think she never looked. I know I don't. I come to visit. It isn't a house inspection.