Friday, September 12, 2014

artist Wes Lang at ARoS

tattoo artist turned regular artist wes lang's studio exhibition was closing when we were at ARoS and so we were fortunate enough to see the man himself, since he was there to see it one last time. he was super gracious and talked to people and was totally willing to pose for pictures with all sorts of random strangers.

here, i caught a shot of him as he chatted with some visitors.

his art retains that tattoo feel and is infused with various american icons...native americans, motorcycles, flags, skulls (not that skulls are uniquely american). the exhibition was an ambitious rendering of his studio, so there were paints littered here and there on the floor and many large canvases that were works in progress. with him there, it definitely lent the feel of really being in lang's studio.

and although the teenagers didn't really want to admit it and they were quite embarrassed to ask, we did get a photo with him as he stood outside and had a smoke. he was super gracious about it and the kids were thrilled and excited. it was a very nice end to our visit to the museum. tho' i do hope that they won't all be inspired to get a tattoo...

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Sammi said...

That is awesome :)

I quite like his art, not that I'm really into art or anything but y'know I like tattoo's and art that comes from that is kind of cool :)