Monday, September 01, 2014

i am not worried

things about which i am not worried:

~ putin.
~ the ukraine.
~ the coming nutella shortage (we have an 8 kilo stockpile).
~ ebola.
~ the middle east (i probably should be worried about this).
~ running out of gin (we were just in germany and i stocked up).
~ aging gracefully.
~ bills.

things which worry me a little bit:

~ finding the right shampoo.
~ what if i never find the right shampoo?
~ that my daughter's camera is way better than mine.
~ pixel-wise, mine still has that thing where i choose where it focuses.
~ the size of the new iPhone.
~ what if i never get to cape town again?

things which i worry about a lot:

~ stepping on kittens (i have an entirely too vivid picture in my head of the result of this).
~ cats getting run over.
~ there whereabouts of the feral hen.
~ how behind my child is in math and german thanks to the school she used to attend.
~ how can you know as a parent how bad a school really is?
~ will karma bite that dominatrix principal in the ass? (i know it will, but i'd honestly like to know when.)
~ with the amount of tax we pay, why couldn't our local school get its act together?

* * *

ahh, the jazz life in manila.

* * *

remind me again why we don't live in the world's most liveable city anymore?

* * *

and speaking of which, why do we lie about where we live?
(in my defense, i did live in copenhagen at one time and sabin was born there.)

* * *
the secret life of pronouns.
because words matter.

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