Monday, January 12, 2015

seeking comfort

events of the past week. the past few months for that matter. four days of gusty winds, driving rain and sleet. general uncertainty. it all has me wanting to hunker down. light candles. stir up a real batch of cooked oatmeal - like the kind that you have to cook for 15-20 minutes (jamie tells you how here.) - and top it with blueberries (don't ask about the food miles), butter, real maple syrup and a drizzle of cream. seeking comfort. finding it. and also having it find me in unexpected forms that i only realized were needed after they arrived. life is like that sometimes.


celkalee said...

It is the little things that seep into the cracks of our souls that helps to heal the pain.

rayfamily said...

So perfectly stated. I have just been wanting to cocoon. I pulled out some old oil lamps that have been hidden away for years just to fill the house with soft but lively light to counter the outdoors. Maybe it's just a season of reflection and renewal. xo