Monday, March 02, 2015

100 happy days :: day 2

hyperlinks are happy-making for me. i realize that sounds a little strange, but you can often be led on a fascinating journey and learn something new clicking on a hyperlink (if you choose the initial link wisely, that is). clicking on one thing that looks interesting often leads to another. and another. i really love that. here are a few examples from this morning when i was awakened a little to five by rambunctious cats...

after reading this and especially this, i went to my app and ordered the first two volumes of norwegian writer kurt ove knausgård's epic 6 volume autobiographical novel from the library (in english translation, i'm not a masochist). what a voice the man has!

in reading about knausgård's time in newfoundland, i came across this piece from last summer - two danish tourists write an open letter to canada, pleading for them to do something about their car culture. yikes, i wonder what they'd have thought if they visited the united states!

and while not a link i found via the links above, a friend posted about this photo project - carol highsmith's decades-long efforts to document life in the united states. now, that is a serious photo project. but is her attempt to preserve something so fleeting as life even possible?

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Shauna said...

Knausgaard's My Saga. loved it completely. so glad you brought it to my attention.