Saturday, March 07, 2015

100 happy days :: day 7

frankie - we miss you so, handsome boy!
this has been circulating on facebook and when it appeared in my nytimes "what we're reading" email this week, i knew i had to go through my extensive cat photo library and put together some then & now shots. and they are also today's happy. because having cats makes me happyl

molly - our minnesota kitty

frieda - from molly's first batch of kittens

tobias - we got him from a neighbor, so i don't have photos of him as a tiny kitten. he's our most dog-like cat.

scout - from molly's second (and final, since she's now fixed) batch of kittens

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Elle Superstar said...

Hey Julie, I started following your blog again after a loooong absence. You used to follow mine back in 2009-ish. Well, I've resurrected it (, and I hope you will follow me once again, if you have the time and inclination!


PS. I have four cats now! :)