Thursday, March 05, 2015

100 happy days :: day 5

today's happiness - pinterest. where else can you follow boards as diverse as fierce bitch shit and graph: soviet russian (hmm, maybe those aren't as far apart as i thought)? and there are my own 179 boards of collected inspiration and cleverness that i want to be able to find again. pinterest enables me to track what interests me, like rest (not getting enough sleep, eh?) and healthy eating (ditto that). not to mention the odd drinkie poo (evening) or caffeinated beverage (daytime). i have boards for husband: husband could make this, kitchen goodness and lysthus. and he even looks at them regularly on the iPad and recently asked me to make him a new board: wood details. you can make a board for any purpose, without all the mess and chaos of cutting up magazines and sticking them to an actual bulletin board. pinterest is awesome! it's where they're keeping all. the. pretty.

i remember way back when kristina first invited me to pinterest (she has often helped me be an early adopter of these things). i found it messy and confusing and i didn't think i'd stick with it. but then i realized that it was sort of like flickr favorites or even browser bookmarks (how old-fashioned they seem now!) that you could categorize and actually find again. it's an enormous, beautiful image repository that gives me an idea of what my style and aesthetic sensibilities are and how they change over time. and now, several years, 179 boards, 32,000 pins and 15,000 followers later, i'm still there, collecting inspiration and imagining the future. and that makes me happy.


Molly said...

I love your boards :-)
Queastion though: this 'picked for you' feature - what do we think?
I'm not loving it much. Guess I should investigate a way of turning it off ...

Molly said...

And you were being modest - closer to 16000!

julochka said...

i'm actually good with the "suggested for you," mostly because i haven't seen any that weren't totally me. tho' they have suggested a few that they then kindly told me, "oops, you've already pinned this," which you'd think they would know before suggesting it.