Friday, August 21, 2015

an exercise in not liking

i read this article yesterday on medium about stopping with all of the likes on facebook and i decided to try it. just a few hours in, i already accidentally liked something out of habit and had a whole lot more meaningful comment-based interaction on facebook. and i can tell you that it's hard not to press that like button. it's the nod of the virtual world. it's how we acknowledge that we've seen something and read it and agree with it. it's the easy solution. it stops us from having a meaningful or longer conversation, or at least lets us off the hook from that. i'm hoping it gets easier as it goes along. and i'm hoping that it results in a better news feed, tho' i admit to worries that the wonderful humans of new york posts will disappear from my feed if i don't constantly "like" them. that said, there is something that feels virtuous about resisting the tyranny of the gods of facebook by refusing to use their like button.

you may have noticed that these feeding the dino pictures don't really have anything to do with this post, i just like them.

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have you checked out the book block kickstarter yet?
bespoke journals with my own artwork? yes, please!
it's like moo cards, but with pretty blank pages!

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i love stories like this one, with rumors of nazi gold.
and like this one (a decade old),
about the disappearance of the amber room from the catherine palace.


Molly said...

I seldom 'like' HONY (although I LIKE all of his posts) and it has never disappeared from my feed, but I do worry about this with the much smaller pages I follow - I think they might be more at the mercy of the algorithm. Let's see what happens after 2 weeks ....
And yes, how does one politely end a FB conversation without liking the last comment or leaving your conversation mate hanging?
All things we're learning how to do I guess!

Molly said...
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Molly said...

Published comment twice ... duh.