Monday, August 10, 2015

living like vikings

every summer, there are viking markets here and there around denmark. people who use their summer holidays dressing up and living like vikings. cooking in iron pots over open fires. sleeping on piles of wooly sheepskins, weaving with hand-dyed yarns. drinking mead. i'm always a little envious.

and it seems that now you can go to school to learn to be a viking! (thanks E for the link!)


Blogoratti said...

Really nice gathering and the photos are lovely.

Blogoratti said...
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Elizabeth said...

beautiful pictures, j. yesterday i thought about you when i saw this:

have a lovely tuesday!

Ragnar's Applestand said...

I love this! So glad I found your blog. Will be visiting regularly!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sigh-- The glorious colors in all your photos-- So beautiful.

And what a fun way to spend the day-- A Viking market. wish e had one too!

xo jj