Saturday, August 15, 2015

on the dangers of running

every summer, around denmark workplaces send their employees to a dhl relay race. 4-member teams each run 5k, there is food and drink and festivities and it's all a fun time with colleagues. i signed up 15 years ago and ended up having husband run in my place since i found myself pregnant with twins. i got talked into it last year, but backed out, because, well...running. in front of people. not my cup of tea. plus, i have a weird heel problem. for reals.

the wife one of husband's colleagues ran the race the other day. during the 5k, she collapsed. her heart stopped. for a whole ten minutes, but they managed to revive her. and then they discovered that her spleen had burst and there was a great deal of internal bleeding. and they put her in an artificial coma, but the bleeding and the being dead for ten minutes caught up with her. and she didn't make it. and although i didn't know her, i can't stop thinking about her. in her mid-40s, three lovely children and a husband. and now she's gone. and all because of a 5k.

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