Wednesday, November 04, 2009

bloggy love

i've gotten so much bloggy love in my real mailbox of late that i had to share it, because it totally cheers me up in these dark, dreary, grey, stormy days of november. awhile ago, my beautiful friend se'lah and i decided to do a fabric swap, just to stir things up a bit in our stash. and here's what she sent:

i'm looking forward to incorporating these into upcoming projects and i adore the ribbon.
not pictured is a wonderful mexican cookbook she threw in as well! thank you, se'lah!!

next was a little set of martini stamps to add to my collection from *jean*
she included a beautiful handmade card and an ATC as well!
thank you *jean*!

completely out of the blue, DHL showed up with a package one day not so long ago. after recovering from my surprise that they actually managed to deliver something, which they have previously utterly failed to do on several occasions, i was even more surprised to find these:

from my favorite mexican/south african/finnish globetrotting citizen of the world friend extranjera, a new pair of precious south african havianas.  i'm told they're just for tourists at the waterfront in cape town, but i don't care if i'm branded a tourist, i've got the coolest havianas around and now i can retire my others, which are getting quite shabby and which i was thinking i'd have to staple or cellotape together in the near future. and there was also a package of scrumptious finnish licorice-laced chocolate for sabin, who experienced great sadness when her big sister ate hers the last time. that's why it says "for sabin and only sabin." thank you, extranjera! MWAH, as spud would say (as an air kiss, of course, no actual touching in light of your finnishness).  are you finnished with that? no, i'm danish american....but i digress...

i lamented recently in a comment on bambi's blog that we had lots of halloween stuff available here in denmark now, but no candy corn. she decided i couldn't go without and so she sent me a whole bunch of it. thank you, dahling! i'm really happy it arrived after our party so i didn't have to share it with all those munchkins.

but the best part about the package was this:

methinks it's the telltale signs of a skinny caramel latte

but also awesome is this:

candy corn is considered PRODUCE in the US! hahahahaha! i love it!
thanks bambi, for the sugar rush and for the laugh!

thank you all for the bloggy real world love. it's so much fun to get stuff in the mail!!


Lisa-Marie said...

How lovely, It is always nice to get secret post!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

How fun!!

About the produce: I'm a vegetarian; I'm supposed to be healthy, yes indeed. The way to do this is to include plenty of beans in your food. Cocoa beans :D
Mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate.

Sarah Anne said...

Produce, huh? We really are screwed up. Lol.

Ellie said...

Oh, your mail is very covetable and gorgeous!

An Open Heart said...

What? Christmas early in Denmark! How wonderful.


McVal said...

LOL! Candy corn is grown on the finest hobby farms of Iowa. Where they also grow sugar cane and sorghum. YUMMO! It's a blast to harvest!

Char said...

fun fun fun prezzies

christina said...

mail is so much fun! yum, candy corn.
: )