Friday, July 30, 2010

an interview with magpie of magpie musing

next up...the inimitable magpie of the witty and clever magpie musing. she's one of the bloggers i feel like i've known from the beginning and every year on her birthday blog post, i am amazed that she's like at least ten years older than she looks and than i think she is. and i forget every year. and how can you not love someone who uses words like filch and acrophobic and assumes her readers use them too. i probably leaned a little too heavily on the silly side of my questions to her...

1. which Wii game is the best?

I was going to say whichever one we're playing, but I think the real answer is whichever one the six year old can win, because she has not learned how to lose with grace. Just tonight, she howled when I made better blueberry pancakes in Cook Wars.

2. have you ever been tempted to call in sick due to a Wii-related injury?

No. First, I don't think I've ever incurred a Wii-related injury, and second, I'm too honest and responsible - I hardly call in sick when I'm actually sick.

3. do you ever worry about the world you're leaving to your child? in what way?

I worry about the climate conditions that people seem to be too short-sighted and politically hamstrung to address; I hope the world is still habitable in her lifetime.

4. nature or nurture?

Yes. Nature plays a huge role, but without nurture, nature is fragile.

5.  what do you order at starbucks? 

I hardly ever go to Starbucks. Really - maybe three times a year. When I go, I'll get a small skim latte - small because I have no truck with that Italianate sizing they use, and skim because it's less cloying than whole milk. I almost never drink coffee outside my house - two cups, freshly ground, freshly brewed, black, every morning, and that's it.

6. iPhone or Blackberry?


7. is BlogHer really all it's cracked up to be?

What's it cracked up to be? It's fun. It's a way to meet a lot of people with whom you have something in common - kind of like going to a college reunion.

8. what parenting ideas did you have before you became a parent that you abandoned almost immediately upon actually being confronted with your child?

I thought my little girl would wear little smocked dresses until I realized how ridiculous dresses on a crawling baby are.

* * *

despite my deep and abiding love for starbucks, i love that you hardly ever go there. as for parenting, i had firm ideas about how much candy the child would be allowed..sigh. thank you, magpie, for playing along with the interview game.


Bee said...

We have some American friends visiting and the 13 year old boy brought a little backpack full of candy! Do you think ALL parents make serious compromises on the candy question/issue?

I really enjoy Magpie's blog. She is fierce, and funny -- and I appreciate anyone who makes their own bread.

Joanna Jenkins said...

But the smocked dresses really do look so cute :-)

Thanks for another great interview.

Cheers to you both,

Char said...

my nephew would cheat at go fish to try and's that age I think

mrs mediocrity said...

I thought that the not getting any sleep part would only be when they were has lasted much much longer than that!
I have to go check out magpie right now!

Erin Wallace said...

Wow! I can't imagine life without Starbucks - I would have more money, I do know that, but those frapuccinos sing their siren song and I am done for. Nice to see Char's interview!

xo Erin

ImplausibleYarn said...

Life without Starbucks? Though I agree with whats up with the whole I can't believe its not italian sizing. Here in Maine any Starbucks north of Portland just doesn't really use them. Good interview though, thanks for the blog reccomendation.

Gwen said...

I thought my kids would never eat at McDonald's or watch television. But I had to move to Europe to accomplish those goals. 10 years after the birth of my first child. Better late than never?

I heart Maggie very very much and am excited to see her next week at BlogHer which she seems to handle with as much grace as she does beating her child at Cook Wars.

Magpie said...
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julochka said...

thank goodness inimitable is what i said, as i wouldn't have wanted to call you inimical!! :-) tho' when i saw your comment, my heart fell for a moment, afraid that's what i'd written! phew!

Sammi said...

*coughs* blackberry *coughs*

Magpie said...

Good lord. I can't type or something. (Slinking off in search of a cold martini now...)

Anyway, thank you.

Life As I Know It said...

I thought my kids would, you know, EAT what I put in front of them (hahahaha).

Starbucks is overrated, but I go there anyway.

Nice interview, Magpie!

mayberry said...

Hmmm, what is this Cook Wars? Is it like Iron Chef Wii? Must investigate.