Saturday, July 31, 2010

an interview with mrs. mediocrity

mrs. mediocrity has a secret. it's that her name isn't mrs. mediocrity at all. it's not for me to reveal what it is, but suffice it to say that i was very surprised. and appreciate the irony of the mrs. mediocrity name all the more, because she's anything but mediocre. but, if you read her blog, you already know that. and if you don't, get over there and do it (right after you read this)...

1. do you think worry is a modern phenomenon or did the neanderthal women worry when their neanderthal men were out fetching dinner?

I think it has existed as long as love has existed. Love = worry. And I think women worry way more than men. And mothers worry way more than anybody.

2. if you could solve one of the world's big problems, which one would it be? (you don't have to say how you'd solve it unless you want to.)

Hunger. If you don't eat, nothing else matters.

3. sushi or a steak?

Zucchini. I was a vegetarian for many years, but my husband and son are not, so I gave it up to make my life easier. It wasn't a huge philosophical thing for me, I just don't like meat all that much. I very often will just have zucchini, or broccoli, as a meal.

4. camping or posh hotel?

Camping, with a posh air mattress. Preferably in the Adirondack mountains. If I am lucky, we will see a bear.

5. what is sure to inspire you?

Beautiful images, soulful writing, nature (especially a forest), love.

6. your ultimate comfort food.

Hands down, chocolate. I eat it every day. One extra, extra dark Lindt truffle.

7. i know you're a photoshop girl, so give us some photoshop advice that we can't do without.

Play. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about photoshop, you find out there is more to learn. Use layers. Don't be afraid of it (just always save your original first). And then go crazy, add a million layers, try something different on each one, find the combination that is perfect. Add something that makes it yours.

8. nikon or canon?

Hands down, nikon

9. your ultimate dream camera?

The one that takes the perfect picture (but surely that would be a nikon).

10. tell us a hilarious travel-related story.

Oh boy. Okay, I will bare one of my biggest secrets. This is kind of gross, but funny, too. Years ago, I lost my toenails, most noticeably on both big toes. I went without wearing sandals for years, which killed me, since I would always prefer to be barefoot, and sandals are the next closest thing. Anyway, after years of that, one desperate summer I figured out a way to make myself some fake ones using the stuff they use for fake nails. And then I glue them on, and they look reasonably natural if you don't look super close, and way better than the way my feet look without them. So yay! I could wear sandals again.

That year, my husband and I went camping. I went for a run, and then I went to the showers, you know, stalls in a row lined up next to each other. Well, when I pulled my sock off, one of my toenails came off with it, (running always loosens them), and before I could catch it, it bounced over into the next stall, which was occupied. So then, of course, I had to reach my hand in there to retrieve it, otherwise, the rest of my trip would have been ruined by ugly toe syndrome.

But can you imagine standing there in a shower stall and seeing a toenail come bouncing into your space, followed by a hand groping to retrieve it?

I can't even begin to imagine what she thought...

* * *

see. i knew running was not good for you. and i also knew you had to be a nikon girl. thank you mrs. mediocrity who isn't the least bit mediocre, ugly toes and all...


Elizabeth said...

Have to visit her blog. Why? She loves my favorite Lindt chocolate.

xxx said...

I don't think that love = worry.
I think that worry takes away love.

Lovely post.

best wishes

d smith kaich jones said...

i am so laughing at the toenail story. i am always losing a toenail (drs. don't know why, they think my toes grow at an odd angle - LOL!) but usually just one at a time, and i always pray it will be in the winter. my late neighbor, mary, once suggested i just paint a red toenail shape on the "bald" toe, so it would match my other toes.

:) Debi

beth said...

i love this girl !....and reading more about her was the icing on my cake today :)

but, ummmm, like oh wow....the toenails !!!!

Bernie said...

These interviews are great, well done.
I love chocolate and the toe nail story.....grins.
Thank you for doing this.....Hugs

Char said...

great interview - i totally agree about the photoshop advice

Anonymous said...

no she is nothing like mediocre. i am so loving your interview series, julie!

Lisa-Marie said...

The toenail story made my day. You are a brave woman!

Julie, there is a wee award for you on my blog x

Sarah Sullivan said...

ROLFMAO...OMG that is too funny..Giggle Snort...thank you for sharing it!! Wonderful interview!! Sarah :)

Erin Wallace said...

I love her blog - LOVE it - so it was wonderful to read her interview. Just great!

xo Erin

Joanna Jenkins said...

Anyone who loves chocolate is a-okay in my book.
Thanks for a great interview and a very funny toe story.
Cheers, jj

kristina - no penny for them said...

what a fab interview! great stuff...