Sunday, July 18, 2010

how to spend a sunday afternoon

the scene: bottom of the garden

the time: late afternoon on a sunday

the characters: me and husband

the bread: fresh from the oven rosemary focaccia

the wine: a crisp, cold south african chenin blanc

the cheese: a soft danish blue

the salt: maldon's, of course

the conversation: obvious from the books - garden plans

the processing: a new vintage, rounded corner, modified (by me) lightroom preset

* * *

NOTE: a single spot on the next blog camp (which begins next friday, july 23) has opened up.
 email me (email address is on my profile) if you're feeling spontaneous!
we are having a pretty good summer weather-wise


Sammi said...

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon :o)

Joanna Jenkins said...

That sounds divine!

I_am_Tulsa said...


heidikins said...

Sigh. I want one!


mrs mediocrity said...

Sounds wonderful.

Trina Y. said...

I reallllly love that salt container!


Numinosity said...

Here's to a well crafted life. You share it so splendidly on these pages. Condensing the essences of your experiences in your stunning photos and commentary.
Well done!
xoxo Kim

Nathan Williams said...

that bread looks awesome!