Wednesday, July 28, 2010

an interview with stephanie of concerning pancakes

you may remember stephanie, because she was one of my blog crushes. so, of course, i just had to ask her about pancakes. :-)

1. tell us your best and favorite pancake recipe.

I am kind of a pancake cheater. I keep pancake mix on hand at all times and make that most of the time. But my favorite thing to do to fancify them is place a few slices of banana into the batter right after i spoon it onto the griddle. Then when I flip them, the bananas get all caramelized and super yummy. (I don't like to mix bananas into the batter.) If I'm fixing pancakes from scratch I really like Andy's childhood recipe for German Pancakes.

2. if you could do whatever you wanted for a living, without regard for how much money it generated or where you had to live, what/where would it be?

Well, this one is a toughie for me. If I lived in the 60's, I would say I would want to be a librarian. I love books so much, but I feel like nowadays being a librarian isn't what it used to be. At least that's how it seems to me. But right now, in the era I live in, I think my dream job is to be a mom. It's the only thing I continually come back to as what I want to spend my time doing. The challenge, the reward, the just seems amazing to me. (Currently, no plans for this in the works...but maybe someday.)

3. camping or posh hotels? (explain.)

Camping. As much as I appreciate a posh hotel with a killer bed and fancy stuffs, I tend to get really nervous and feel out of place in posh settings. When I camp I can do all the things I really enjoy without worrying about my hair, my smell or what people might think of my general desire to drink Bud Light with a hot dog breakfast.

4. cat person or dog person? (explain.)

Well, if I said dog Chairman Meow might get a little miffed. But I love both animals. Cats are easier to take care of for the most part and since I am inherently lazy cats are a better fit for me. I'm about to be in the market for chickens though, so that might kick out the laziness with a quickness.

5. have you read the twilight books?

No, I have not. I watched 2 of the movies, didn't really get it, but plan on watching the rest to see if makes more sense.

6. which harry potter character are you?

I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books and I think I am the only person on the planet to have not read them. I do claim to know magic though (that's how I get my work done in my day job) so maybe I really am a wizard.

7. what's your guilty pleasure?

Hmmm....I do not know. I spend a lot of money on food...maybe that's it.

8. give us a photo tip...subject, setting, whatever. :-)

Best tip I have is to use different cameras if you feel like you're in a rut with one. I have about 7 cameras and find that they all bring something different to the table. When I'm tired of the free-wheeling nature of my Nikon, I use my Zero Image pinhole. It's harder to use, costs more to use and generally makes me slow down to really think about what I'm shooting. It makes taking photos a fun challenge, rather than a mindless exercise.

* * *

thank you, stephanie! now i feel quite justified in not having read twilight either and i want need a pinhole camera. and i'm thinking a hot dog sounds pretty good for breakfast...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Stephanie for a link to the German pancakes. I love them, but no one seems to make the ones I remember from childhood.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I had no idea what these interviews would be like and did not expect pancakes! :D I like!

Sandra said...

I plan to try the German pancakes. I also have not read any Harry Potter books nor have I read or watched the Twilight series. I'm probably too old to get it or to care if I get it!
A great start to the interview series.

stephanie said...

Thanks for doing this, Julie! And yes...pinhole cameras are a NEED!

Sammi said...

Stephanie is not the only person to not have read Harry Potter- I've only read the first one!

heidikins said...

I love this! And I have not read Twilight, nor do I intend to. I also googled the spoilers for the last Harry Potter book, read the last page, and called it good. :/


Tamara said...

so fun. love stephanie's blog.

Char said...

yay - i read only the first twilight book and put it down. definitely for the kids i think.

good to see you!