Monday, November 15, 2010

color palettes: what inspires right now

original photo by elisabelle b
original photo by kristina
original photo by kristina
original photo by ethanollie
original photo of taal volcano by me
these blues are really not my usual ones, but i do love this photo.
original photo by kristina (apparently i'm enamored of her color palette at the moment).
greenish-grey seems very classy.
and my own chandelier - because i adore this photo
check in on your color palettes with the color palette generator. it can be quite enlightening. i'm thinking of incorporating some of these tones into a wintery quilt. and settling on something quite stunning for my new laundry room (because when the house is falling down around you, what's the first thing you build? a new laundry room, of course).


will said...

Of all the real and imagined differences between women and men I do believe how we see color to be one of the differences ...

This dialog is from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

Muriel Blandings (Myrna Loy) is giving instructions concerning the colors she wants in her freshly remodeled home.

Muriel Blandings: I want it to be a soft green, not as blue-green as a robin's egg, but not as yellow-green as daffodil buds. Now, the only sample I could get is a little too yellow, but don't let whoever does it go to the other extreme and get it too blue. It should just be a sort of grayish-yellow-green. Now, the dining room. I'd like yellow. Not just yellow; a very gay yellow. Something bright and sunshine-y. I tell you,

Mr. PeDelford, if you'll send one of your men to the grocer for a pound of their best butter, and match that exactly, you can't go wrong! Now, this is the paper we're going to use in the hall. It's flowered, but I don't want the ceiling to match any of the colors of the flowers. There's some little dots in the background, and it's these dots I want you to match. Not the little greenish dot near the hollyhock leaf, but the little bluish dot between the rosebud and the delphinium blossom. Is that clear?

Now the kitchen is to be white. Not a cold, antiseptic hospital white. A little warmer, but still, not to suggest any other color but white. Now for the powder room - in here - I want you to match this thread, and don't lose it. It's the only spool I have and I had an awful time finding it! As you can see, it's practically an apple red. Somewhere between a healthy winesap and an unripened Jonathan. Oh, excuse me...

Mr. PeDelford, the Contractor: You got that Charlie?

Charlie, the Painter: Red, green, blue, yellow, white.

Mr. PeDelford: Check.

Magpie said...

1) I love that palette generator. So cool.

2) I did a total double take at the above comment. My husband's name is Will and we were just the other day quoting that very same passage from that very same movie. But my Will hasn't got a blog!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I like them all!

Tracy :)

Bellatrix said...

So nice...