Monday, November 15, 2010

experiments in film

the year is winding down on my 365 photo-a-day project. i'm sure now that i will make it. but my thoughts now are turning to what to do photographically in 2011. i was in awe of kristina's fearlessness - walking around berlin with just a single film camera on her person. trusting her abilities that much. i want to do that more often in the coming year. i did it one day this past week. i took only film shots, not even a single iPhone photo as a backup. but i'll admit it makes me very nervous. the instant gratification of digital is reassuring - i know immediately whether i got the shot or if i need to take another (or twelve).

i have done some photo experiments already this are a few of a roll of intentional double exposures i shot last summer (finally got them developed and scanned...that's a drawback of film, i tend to let them luxuriate on my desk until they are a shocking pile).  this was a roll of fuji sensia 200 slide film that i sent through my old canon (yes, a canon!) AE-1 program twice - once here at home in denmark and once at my childhood home in south dakota.  then i had it cross-processed in the C41 chemicals (hence the red tones).

a happy accident - double-exposed, cross-processed and half frame all in one.
that's the corn palace in mitchell, SD on the left

rosemary and the corn palace
missouri river bokeh
the bench by our lake + a beautiful old SD windmill in half frame.
quite possibly proof that husband's home planet does try to contact him.
i did a lot of scanning today, so there will be more film to come as the week goes on...

* * *

things i'm enjoying...char's grateful series and poet's wardrobe refashions on seamstress stories.


Sammi said...

I just catch up with your blog, and another post appears almost instantly ;o)

I really like the second from bottom, although all this cross processing is making me sad because I always thought ghosts caused things like that with film camera's.

Film is a much simpler process, though, because you hope you've got the shot, and you can't check so you might take a second, but at least you can't look at try to take 12 more just to be sure :D

Char said...

thank you. and i love how the windmill pairing especially. i so admire how you kept it up...i just couldn't. i seriously lost my mojo over the summer and wondered how i ever took pictures all the time. i may be slowly recovering it now. slowly.

you are always an inspiration...even in laughter.

mrs mediocrity said...

see? you are both artist and human. apparently jury is still out on husband?...:)

Joanna Jenkins said...

The caption to your hubby's photo is a hoot!

All your photos are so interesting-- each one calls me back to look some more.

Have a great week, jj

kristina - no penny for them said...

these are magical!

thanks for so kindly referring to me - thinking about it, it's not really that i trust my abilities (i wish!), maybe more that shooting film more and more, i'm getting more relaxed about whether it turns out or not. if not, there'll be another day to try...

p.s.: loved reading that you'll do a 'seven things' too!

poet said...

Beautiful! Though the last one looks a bit scary :)


Marie Young (Marie Young Creative) said...

One of my favorite film shot is one I took in college. It is a picture of a squirrel with another squirrel superimposed on it and it looks like they are "wresting" Godzilla style.

It might be fum to play, but I don't miss the film days. I was a reporter back then and it was very nerve-wrecking not knowing if my "once-in-a-lifetime shot came out.