Thursday, November 18, 2010

really expired film

take some really expired (in 1991) kodak ektachrome 120 film you found in a flea market, put it in a fabulous old rolleiflex TLR camera, go to the west coast of denmark, take a few shots. forget about it for about a year. go to berlin, take a few more shots. wind it up. send it for processing. and voila...

sabin on top of an old german bunker at blåvandshuk - the westernmost point of denmark
some rather eerie statues standing near esbjerg in denmark
the lighthouse at blåvandshuk
inside the main train station in berlin

the brandenburg gate
street scene - berlin
i'm digging on the overexposed, groovy old-fashioned look the expired film gave these. unlike some of my other cross-processed rolls, there's no red cast here. interesting how that works. i'm really falling in love with film. and would be learning more if i could remember the settings i used on these photos...


nacherluver said...

How fun is that?!?!?!
Very cool.

Sammi said...

o0o i love how those photos came out :D