Wednesday, November 03, 2010

everything i needed to know, i learned in the lobby of the manila pen

heaven? or just The Pen?
night in the lobby of The Pen - hipstamatic style

i'm in the heavenly lobby of the manila peninsula hotel, which is perhaps my favorite place on earth. everything seems clearer here, more relaxed and mellow. and it occurs to me everything i ever needed to know, i learned right here...

- white wine is best served in a chilled glass by a cute waiter with a flashing smile.

-  life should be accompanied by a live orchestra.

-  lighting is everything.

-  palm trees totally work indoors.

-  the ceiling can never be too high.

-  true gentlemen hold the door and greet you by name.

-  wireless internet is key.

-  it's good to read the IHT on a daily basis.

-  you can learn a lot (possibly about the US military) listening to other people's conversations.

-  people like to talk about themselves. rather loudly (at times).

- time truly does fly when you're having fun.

-  if you have to stage a coup, choose a really elegant place to do it.

-  travel is key to my existence.

-  being recognized and valued is important.

-  a proper pedicure goes a long way (ok, i may have learned that at the big mall across the street).

-  heaven is indeed a place on earth.

do you have a place that taught you what you need to know in life?

* * *

i got an email yesterday, telling me that i was one of three winners of a photo contest from the viking harbor museum in bork havn. i get a big gift basket and a season ticket to the musem.  and what's even better? zen master elizabeth's husband was one of the other two winners!  yay for us! :-)

here's hoping your week is as awesome as mine!


Jill C. said...

I don't have one specific place. I take my favorite piece of the places I've been and combine them.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

My favorite part of this is the way travel, being outside of our normal place, helps us to be aware of our surrounding in a new, delicious way.

We hear conversations, look at the ceiling, read the paper version of the paper, warm to good manners. It feels like our senses are awakened, everything is new!

I will say that this one applies no matter where you are:

- white wine is best served in a chilled glass by a cute waiter with a flashing smile

Can't wait to hear more!

Barb said...

When I first saw the title I was startled and wondered why you'd be at the Manila Penitentiary! "Hopefully, she's just researching a book or something," I thought. LOL Congrats on the win. As for a place, I'll have to give that some thought.

Char said...

i laughed about the "pen" comment because that is what prisons are often called her. so i wondered what valuable lessons you learned perhaps a bit tooo dearly. *smile* i'm glad to see instead that you are learning them luxuriously. gotta love that.

Karen said...

Oh, I can tell you I've NEVER had a week as awesome as yours. Sounds WONDERFUL!!!...


And congrats on the pic win!

Mari Mansourian said...

I'm loving those blue toes ;)
Hey there J, hope all is well, just popped in to invite you to check out my new corner, hope you'll stop by and say hi. It's good to be back in the blogosphere :)

imelda@etchetera etchetera said...

I love the manila Pen also. I don't know if they have it now, but they have a chocolate buffet during Christmas... it's heaven. pls try the halo halo dessert and buy the chocolate bon bons at the bakery downstairs. You made the ceiling of the pen look etheral.

Anonymous said...

hey there
hope your trip is an absolute blast!!

mrs mediocrity said...

I think for me it is the Adirondack Mountains.
Congrats on the photo win!

Se'lah said...

congrats on winning! yay.

nature, especially the beach, always gives me the answers i am seeking. one love.

Balaphoto said...

Beatiful pictures!! Congratulations!!!

Frank, Barcelona