Thursday, November 11, 2010

iMac, therefore iAm

313:365 floating on air...MacBook Air

have i mentioned that my new MacBook Air finally arrived? i really must thank the norwegian tax authorities for giving me back enough of my money that i could buy this beauty. i can once again hold my head high in the airline lounge.


Zuzana said...

Oh, lucky you! I want me one of these as well.;)
Happy to meet another mac lover.;) I have had macs since I started having a personal computer, way back with the first small Macintosh in the late 80's.;)

Deb said...

Ahh, shiny pretty! Enjoy. My girl got a new mac laptop this summer and then fell in love with antique typewriters....the old and the new bundled together...that's my girl.

Meg said...

I'm jealous!:-D

Praying that someday my hands will land on an imac, too!yay

But so glad you have it!:-)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Lucky you!

Tracy :)