Tuesday, September 20, 2011

feeling a need to be grateful

the best part about having a lot of heart-shaped stones lying around is that they make you think about things you love. because you can't help but think happy, grateful thoughts when your windowsill is full of hearts (even if it is also full of spider poo and dead flies).

right now, on this rainy day, i'm grateful for:

~ that at least one of our chickens (i think it's the same one) has begun to lay eggs.

~ baby hedgehogs.

~ having a really good riding teacher.

~ hedgehog sneezes.

~ leaves that are changing color.

~ acorns on the ground.

~ and have i mentioned the baby hedgehog?

~ potato and bacon omelette for dinner.

~ the fact that people love to tell their stories.

~ that my life is my life and not that my job is my life.

~ eggplants and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

~ elderberries.

what are you grateful for today?


stephanie said...

Today I'm reminding myself to be grateful for my job...because today is the kind of day that I want to just walk away from it. :)

Also, I'm grateful for being able to take a nice long walk on my lunch break.

MissUnderstood said...

This was adorable....and much appreciated...I am grateful for reading this today

Kelly L said...

Great list of things to be thankful for.. I'm thankful that everyone in my family is healthy... and the kids are at school... for a little while at least... loving the quiet right now..
I've Become My Mother

--maria said...

Love love love love this entry. I am grateful for a great life no matter how many times I complain about it ;) Name the hedgehog!!!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Love this post!

I am greatful for:my mom and seeing her doing more and more everyday, my family, job, books and just being alive for another day.

Tracy :)

Corrine said...

wonderful thought invoking post. I have a saying from long ago that still applies, I woke up, I am not bleeding, I am not on fire! It will be a good day. Sort of morbid I know but it provides a perspective from which many positive things flow. Please name the baby hog.

joanie said...

Grateful that I found your sweet blog and that I'm not alone in having dead flies and spider poo on my windowsills. Found you via Lisa at lil fish.
PS, I have a heart stone collection too, I love them :)

Loredana said...


Grateful to be married to a wonderful man for 3 years (together for 11!!)

My daughter cracking herself up

Sushi dinner and a glass of fine vino

Fall t.v.

Reading someone else's interpretation of love

Hearing about new books to add to my library

DahnStarr said...

Grateful for: My daughter, be able to have my daughter attend college (2nd year, hoot, hoot!), having a roof over my head, a pet that is healthy and loves me, having both of my parents alive and well, having ex inlaws that are still a part of my life, being employeed (not the job I want but it works...er I work...er?) and a car to get me from point A to B.

Zuzana said...

I agree on the leaves, they are just starting here too.;) I love that part of the fall.;)
Love the stones too.;)
I am grateful for having found love, after having looked for so long...
Thank you so much for stopping by my place Julie.;))
Oh, and I should so start to ride again, it was the best thing I could imagine when i was a teenager.;)