Thursday, September 29, 2011

laughing and crying

this to make you laugh

because this will make you cry. 


will said...

Amazon as described in the article isn't that different from how Henry Ford ran his company. And what Ford did had it's roots in earlier Amercan industry. Unfortunately some things haven't changed.

Loredana said...

Oh man...I don't even know where to begin. OK lets start at the funny because at least I can somehow let go of some of the anger I'm feeling now after having read the NY Times article. That was a funny video and I can't wait to show it to my husband, HA!!!!!!!!

The only things I've bought from Amazon are books, oh goodness and a Kindle!! OMG I own something that Amazon created!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....i can't even begin to believe the things i read in that article. And it's so true that Americans fail to realize we are one big nation. But we do fail to realize that that's why it is so easy as the article stated 'for someone in Texas to talk about the people of New York the way certain Sunnis speak of Shiites'.

I know so much of this goes on here still. Have you ever watched the movie with Javier Bardem 'Biutiful'? It's a take on the way workers are treated. It does not take place in the states but this article reminded me so much of that movie and how heart wrenching it is.

stephanie said...

Well, sh*t.

stephanie said...

Okay, now for my real response after I've thought about this for a bit...

I think the line that got me is that humans "fail to see each other." It's so true. Like it didn't even occur to executives (or whoever) that those are PEOPLE. When and why did this happen to us?

It kills me that convenience and low prices seems to come with costs to people that it really shouldn't. Because I like to get my records and granola from one online retailer, some older guy is running 13 miles a day and have knee trouble? Sigh.

The other thing that I found outrageous was that they would get ambulances on stand-by...rather than just fixing the problem. You're telling me Amazon can't afford A/C units? I don't buy it.

Ok...I'm done. Thanks for sharing this, j.