Thursday, September 01, 2011

on a creative binge

some kind of weird planetary alignment made today, the first official day of autumn (at least here), the most creative and productive day i've had in recent memory. i don't think i've had these many creative synapses firing since we moved away from my beloved blue room. i'm almost loathe to go to sleep, because i don't want it to stop. but i've learned that sleep is also good for creativity, so sleep i shall. and all of that gorgeous fabric and thread and butter-soft red leather will be waiting for me in the morning.

happy autumn, one and all!  i think it's going to be the best season yet!


nacherluver said...

What a wonderfully uplifting and positive post! And a gorgeous red iPad cover! I want me some of that creativity juice!

Drink up! *clink*

DahnStarr said...

Send some of your good creative vibes my way! Started another ceramics class this week and I need all the help I can get.

Sammi said...

Happy autumn!!

It's been sunny here every day since it was officially autumn

Andi said...

I love red, all things red and that leather looks SO beautiful. I have not had my summer yet, our starts (normally) next week. It will be brief and then fall which is my favorite time of year as well.