Wednesday, September 07, 2011

wednesday musings or seven random things

1.  many mornings, when i step outside, edie brickell's song picture perfect morning runs through my head unbidden. the light, no matter what time of year, is spectacular and somehow unique and singular. this morning, filled with a cold, steady rain, was not one of those mornings. as you may imagine, this photo is not from today.

2.  one of my favorite things is to hear husband talking to the cats when he thinks no one is listening.

3.  the new issue of *joie* is out. it's a gorgeous online magazine by indiefixx and lisa and i wrote a story about foraging for it. get a fresh cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it. the whole issue is just lush and gorgeous.

4.  one of husband's favorite things is to reread john seymour's classic complete book of self-sufficiency (the version from the 70s, with those wonderful 70s illustrations). he reads it over and over again. with a cup of tea, in the big armchair in the living room. he learns something new every time.

5.  me, i'm reading dubravka ugresic's museum of unconditional surrender. (hence the numbered paragraphs, it's a stylistic device of hers.) amazon just helpfully informed me that i purchased the book august 3, 2004. i do love that about amazon, even if it is a bit big brotheresque.

6.  speaking of the 70s, husband announced yesterday that he has a crush on them (he was reading john seymour at the time). he feels like it was the last time anyone truly believed in anything. tho' he admitted he wasn't ready to embrace bellbottoms and a granny square vest. there was an earnest innocence to the 70s that i think he feels nostalgic for. me, i just really like orange and yellow.

7.  is it just me, or are those blythe dolls that seem to be everywhere on flickr really friggin' scary? people not only sew for them, but make them new hair! actually, i think dolls in general sorta skeeve me out. (see what i mean about being out of touch with the latest cool phrases? i'm so 90s.)


Molly said...

I relate to Husband so much re talking to cats (you get some great answers) and John Seymour. That book's been a fav of mine since childhood, and Frieda's started 'reading' it already too :)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to read your article on foraging. Lovely thoughts... lovely picture.

nacherluver said...

Fun list! My hubby talks to the cats but only to harass them. He won't admit he likes them but plays with them all the time.
The 70's are okay in my book. They brought me to life! Although I admit to struggling with the decor.
Blythe dolls. Yeah. No matter what kinda dolls. I'm not down with it. Dolls are creepy.

Dave King said...

It's not just you, the dolls are friggin' scary! Fine post, lots of interest.

celkalee said...

photo is stunning. I think talking to animals is essential to a full life. I will have to check out the doll thing, I have no idea what they are. Ah, the benefits of being out of touch, works for me, usually:)

will said...

I've considered doing an entire blog about the 1970s .... Working title, "10,000 Reasons Why The 60s & 70s Were The High Watermark."

However, there's a side effect - comparing then to now brings on melancholy and the frustrating, unanswerable question, "What went wrong?"

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Just read your article on foraging-great information! I also apprecatie you sharing the books at the end-already checking to see if my library has these.

Take Care

Tracy :)

stephanie said...

I've heard about that book and I really want to get a copy from the library. Even though my level of self-sufficiency is limited by the amount of space and time that I currently have, I do want to do as much myself, as I can.

An Open Heart said...

Oh, I've missed you.

Just Jules said...

I am back to blogging as jules and love the new (to me) look of your header and blog in general very clean and calm.

I don't care for dolls really either. there is an artist in town who uses REAL hair on hers- ack!