Tuesday, September 06, 2011

stop harshing my mellow

i read that phrase - harshing my mellow - the other day on facebook and it's totally stuck in my head. one consequence of living outside your native language is losing touch with what all of the cool kids are saying.

but i get it, i get that phrase. my mellow has been harshed a bit of late. and i'd just really like it back, please.

this basket of meaningful stones normally sits on the shelf beside my desk, tho' i've moved it to my standard windowsill scale for its photoshoot. it's raining and wildly windy outside today. and dark. but as always, these stones help me get back my mellow - they're calming and soothing somehow. except when people pile papers and books and assorted lint (and screws) from their pockets on them. people who shall remain nameless, but who may or may not have been formerly known as the keeper. that totally harshes my mellow all over again.

i suppose the prime thing that can harsh one's mellow is one's own expectations. when we expect things...behaviors, levels of intelligence, stuff to make sense - we can only be disappointed. because people will never behave as you expect, nor be as smart as you'd like, and the world will ultimately never make sense.


mrs mediocrity said...

my daughter has a couple of phrases that always make me laugh... "I smell what you're stepping in." and, "Are you picking up what I'm putting down?"

i don't think the world is supposed to make sense. think how bored we'd be then.

Molly said...

... and pinterest's servers will never be able to cope with a capacity crowd ;)

I'm totally adopting above saying too - 'You smell what I'm stepping in?' - lol (real lol)

celkalee said...

my motto, the only action/reaction I can control is my own, the hell with the rest. I too am currently swimming in shark infested waters, head still above water, barely.

Tara Thayer said...

tim says that, the harshing/mellow thing, to me often.
i think he's being ironic.
if he's not, i don't want to know about it.


Unknown said...

Hey, those rocks are so cool looking. Is the blue one crocheted? I am just learning to crochet, partially inspired by this picture! I would love some feedback on how you did that!

ps. I love harshing my mellow. Will add that to my vocab. You are so inspiring. lol.