Thursday, October 27, 2011

an excuse for bunny photos

we don't have a black cat for halloween, but we do have a black bunny
is it just me or is this week FLYING by? we've got our big (and i mean big! 30+ kids!!) annual halloween party on saturday, so i've been running around trying to secure enough pumpkins and now we've got to get carving. i'm so glad that pumpkins are readily available in denmark now. i remember my first year here, they were impossible to find and i paid an amount that still makes me feel a little bit faint for a single, oddly pale pumpkin in a florist shop. now they're at roadside stands for $5 apiece.

despite living in the countryside, it's been quite an ordeal getting our hands on a whole small pig to roast for the party. i kind of thought it would be a matter of asking the neighbor, who would spread the word and then one would magically appear on our doorstep, but it's been a bit more difficult than that. we did, however succeed and we will pick up our pig tomorrow afternoon and slow-grill it all day saturday. a whole pig serves the double purpose of being a bit scary for the halloween party and also delicious.

yesterday, as we embarked on our pumpkin mission, sabin managed to slam her left pinkie in the car door and we ended up spending the better part of the evening at the emergency room, waiting to have it looked at. tho' it was 4.5 hours we'll never have back, it did turn out to be broken, so we were glad in the end that we had gone to the ER. the worst part of the waiting was when my iPhone ran out of battery (sabin didn't have hers along) while we were playing chuzzle and then we didn't have anything to do but sit around missing our baby bunnies. when husband tried to saw off his finger a couple of months ago, there was almost no waiting - we were in and out in under and hour and he even had stitches.  the lesson in that? if you're going to get hurt, do it on a friday, not a wednesday.

gratuitous cute bunny photo - smilla is very photogenic.

* * *

i'm really excited (and grateful) about the positive response to our handmade holiday eCourse.
there are still a few spots left, so please join us!
sabin and i are having so much fun preparing it.


Spilling Ink said...

The little black bunny would go so well with my two black cats!

They would all love each other...right?

Corrine said...

Poor Sabin. Hope her little finger is not too painful. I spend a decent amount of time in waiting rooms, I have learned, always carry time absorbing entertainment. You never know.

Now for those bunnies! Too cute! We once visited a camp-gound in upstate New York where a lady had started raising bunnies about 8 years before we were there. Hundreds of bunnies, I mean hundreds! Amazing!

Happy Halloween!

--maria said...

Man, those bunnies are too cute for words. BAH! I hope Sabin is feeling better today. What is she going to dress up as?

Tara said...

:) Cute bunnies!

By the way...I saw this on the beach the other day and I thought you'd enjoy it:


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

or, um, if you're gonna get hurt, do it with a saw?

poor Sabin! Cute cute cute bunny. More, pls.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

same here in ireland. in our first years they cost as much as good fillet of beef and two weeks ago i found beautiful really big pumkins for 3,50 euro each.

Indiri Wood said...

Oh, I hope it's feeling a little better today. At least the soft bunnies can make everything seem a bit better but still, ouch!