Friday, October 07, 2011

friday confession or just another random list

i haven't done a friday confession in ages, so i thought i'd revive that idea and get some things off my chest (despite being a disciple of appleism, not a catholic).

i confess...

...that i was gleeful this week when a little drama worked out against the dramatist. kinda proving that drama isn't all it's cracked up to be. i also confess that it was all i could do not to openly do a little happy dance when the drama queen was put in her place. i actually walked away for awhile, not to be seen looking a little too satisfied.

...i have little time for such dramas anymore and easily become impatient with them.

...that i swear a lot while i'm driving.

...i really, really am not fond of the "let's see how far the car can drive after the gas light comes on" game. (sadly, this seems to be husband's favorite game.)

...i might smother him in his sleep for that.

...i got a lot less done this week than i hoped i would.

...i'm pretty surprised that mira seems to be proving to be a good mama to her 5 baby bunnies. bunny instincts are pretty strong.

...when i was in school and they had that "no running in the halls" rule, i thought that was for the others, but not really for me. so sometimes i ran in the halls. but only if i thought no one was looking.

...i don't talk to my parents often enough.

...that a couple of days this week have really gone by slowly. in a good way.

...i need to do the blog makeover i've been pondering now for a couple of weeks.

...that i don't miss the corporate world. not one little bit.

...i do, however, miss traveling. and planes. and airports.

...i think denmark's new fat tax is pretty lame. i can appreciate needing to do something about public health when you have a state-financed health care system, but shouldn't unhealthy fat products - like potato chips and pork rinds - be what's taxed, rather than basic baking ingredients like butter and cream? they say there was broad political backing for the tax (which is so complicated to calculate that companies have had to hire whole new fleets of accountants), but it seems they neglected to ask whether there was public backing (which i just accidentally spelled baking in a freudian slip) for it. i never heard even a whisper of debate about it.

...i'm happy that it's friday.

happy weekend, one and all.


Elizabeth said...

If the government only wanted their citizens to be more healthy they could also:

- reduce taxes on fruit and vegetables
- reduce taxes on activities in which people have to be physically active
- they make regulations on how much unhealthy food is allowed in advertisements blocks on TV, in magazine, etc.
- more promotion for a healthy diet wouldn't hurt
- and they could try to stop thinking all their unhealthy food traditions and start working on creating some healthy ones.

In other words, I don't really believe this fat-tax is about getting Danes to become more healthy, it is just another way of taking money out of the pockets of their fellow citizens.

So happy that it is friday and I have a whole saturday of taekwondo ahead of me!!!!

--maria said...

Ditto to Elizabeth.

will said...

Is confession good for the soul?
• I dunno.

Is there such a thing as closure?
• Don't think so.

Will smothering refill the gas tank?
• Usually not.

Is swearing in one's car a good thing?
• Yes it is.

Can governments control fatness?
• Probably not.

Who will cause the demise of fatness?
• Insurance companies and lobbyists.