Monday, October 03, 2011

monday fizzies

you must go see what happened on the roaming gnome's first day in denmark.
and stay tuned for what happens next.

* * *

speaking of happening, there seems to be a lot happening in ePublishing.

* * *

speaking of self-published books - check out this delightful bobbaloo book by my friend pia!
bobbaloos, food, cake and coffee - what's not to like?

* * *

have you noticed that if you sneak up on firefox, it freezes?
and by sneak up on it, i mean flip to it from another program, like iPhoto.

* * *

* * *

looking through my 365 tumblr makes me happy.

* * *

here's hoping your monday was fizzy too...


Elizabeth said...

Love the idea of the 5 words and I already read the NY-times article. So maybe you can write your e-book?!?

Molly said...

Firefox is being so weird of late.
Linked to you in a strange, rambly, possibly totally incoherent post ... monday fizzy brain :)

Karen said...


Donna said...

I know exactly how you feel about Project 365...I love seeing my visual diary too!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you were doing the 365 project-- and I'm in awe of you for doing it. Your photos are delightful. Just wonderful.

Pia K said...

i think it's great how publishing becomes more accessible for all - with all the crap that's published these days one often wonders who really chose what gets published or not... - the marketing bit is still a tricky part though. hm.

thank you for sweet words about my first book! this is how i roll right now, i need more sweet things in my life, i can't be bothered about the matters that need my anthropological persona, they make me feel crap and i can't do that no more, at this moment in life... my copies where going to be delivered today already i noticed this morning. i was so excited. loaded onto the delivery van 9.06 this morning and to be delivered by end of day - then nine hours later they had posted that they had missed loading my package to the van... hopefully tomorrow instead.

i have actually been taking pictures every day in the 365days project, but as i haven't written about that special restaurant visit in july yet i'm stuck there (because i want the uploading to be strictly cronological). i like to link a "blogged" link to the photo before i upload it to the ptbc-group and tumbler. so, i have a terrible backlog... very impressed you're still on perfect track!