Saturday, October 01, 2011

saturday musings

we're on the third day in a row of absolutely glorious weather...clear blue skies and golden sunshine, plus it's about 23°C, which pretty much couldn't be more perfect. everyone is talking about how they're soaking it all in, for the coming darkness ahead. it's so glorious it almost feels like that's possible.

it's one of those saturdays, where you run around, doing a lot of small tasks and thinking a lot of small, not very profound thoughts. you know days like that, right?  thoughts like....

~ who decides the smell of things? i accidentally bought some detergent tabs that i thought were for the dishwasher, but they turned out to be for washing clothes (luckily i read the package and didn't find this out the hard way). and after years of buying detergent with no perfumes (i started when sabin was a baby), it is so strange to have the clothes smell so strongly of a scent chosen by someone else. yuck. but throwing them away seemed worse (i had opened the package before i realized the mix-up, so i couldn't just return them to the grocery store) than using them up (tho' with this scent, i'm no longer so sure about that).

~ the way you're treated at the beginning of a job is so important - if your computer and phone and office are ready and they give you a big bouquet of welcome flowers and invite you to their big annual company party on your first day, they've pretty much set the tone haven't they? (all of this just happened to husband. and shall we just say that there's a vast difference between vestas and siemens wind power in this area. and by the way, vestas wins.)

~ you can never underestimate the righteousness of danish women. nobody can do righteous like they can. nobody.

~ we're (and by we, i mean husband) scraping the horrible nasty plastic paint off the house that the morons people we bought the house from painted it with. it was catastrophic for the bricks with that paint and a house that had always been washed with white chalk and not painted. sometimes i still feel so ANGRY at those people and the cheap, nasty solutions they came up with around this house.

~ the roaming gnome arrived at my house today. looking forward to seeing what adventures he gets up to. and if you'd like me to send him to you next, just let me know, as you too can host this little adventurer.

~ what do you wear to a party with 7700 other people (none of whom you know), at which roxette is going to perform? (who even knew roxette was still alive?)

~ we're now up to three eggs a day from our chickens. they're still pretty small, but each egg makes me unaccountably gleeful.

happy weekend, one and all....


rayfamily said...

We're supposed to get some much needed sunshine here today too! Send gnomie and fam this way. They can experience two sustainable farmsteads in process a world apart! Have a great weekend! :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie


Are these in your yard-?

Tracy :)

Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed my day BIG time. Have been weeding all day under a very blue sky and the sun burning on my skin. Just perfect!!!!

Bee said...

I am REALLY PLEASED to hear that "Husband" has a new job. And yes, the welcome makes such a huge difference.