Wednesday, October 05, 2011

i woke up with a headache

i woke up with a headache. i blame the abrupt shift in weather.

* * *

these photos were clearly taken before the weather changed...

the saddlemaker, who is actually a saddle fitter, is coming today, but already we think the used passier dressage saddle we're trying out is MUCH better than the other saddle we had. we'll see what she says about it tho'. who knew so many problems could be caused by the wrong saddle?

matilde is already quite fuzzy. i suppose she knows something we don't about the coming winter. and it doesn't bode well. 

* * *

thanks to my headache, i don't have much more, so i'm off to make potato leek soup to try to feel better so i'm coherent for the saddle fitter.

* * *

in the meantime, check out these:


--maria said...

Sabin is gorgeous. She looks perfect riding that horse! Matilde is beautiful too <3

Karen said...

I've got that same weather headache...

have you ever tried an Albion dressage saddle? I find it's very comfortable and seems to fit horses well...