Tuesday, February 07, 2012

clearing my head

it's cold (-18° C this morning!) and snowy, but sunny and glittering out there in recent days. i find i am utterly unable to feel anything other than energetic and optimistic when the sun is shining like this. it's one of those weeks where ideas and just thoughts are popping into my head faster than i can grab them, so i've got to just get some of the more random thoughts out here on the screen so i can settle down:

~ i don't understand the purpose of having an open house if when people come, you're not actually going to be particularly open towards them. on sunday, we went to visit a nearby riding school that's reopening under new management. they had an open house and there were lots of people in attendance, but do you think that any of them talked to us? did anyone say hello? did anyone offer us a bit of paper with a schedule of the available lessons on it? no, they did not. does this make us likely to rush into signing up for lessons there? or moving our horse over there? no it does not. my question is, why bother to have an open house if you don't take the key word - "open" seriously?

~ apparently, saying out loud that you have a good life and that you appreciate it will make people unfollow you. does this mean people prefer strife and negativity?

~ there's nothing quite so relaxing as ironing a big pile of tea towels.

~ why (and when?) did they move everything around in power point(less) and render it unrecognizable and unusable? (and why am i trying to use it anyway? microsoft is so 2003.)

~ i loathe that song city boy by donkeyboy, yet i can't get it out of my head. tho' i think they're actually singing "underneath my skin there's an eagle," it sounds like "underneath my skin there's a negro," which just seems quite politically incorrect. sabin's friend thought it was "underneath my skin there's a meatball," which is more amusing.  and that is a very weird, low-budget homemade video, don't you think?

~ i just had to use a calculator to figure out which anniversary we'll be celebrating on sunday (our 13th).

and that about does it. happy tuesday, one and all!


c is for cape town said...

Love me some arbness :) How intriguing that you lost followers - clearly your perfect life is too intimidating hee hee. Must be that cute husband ...

CiCi said...

Really nice pictures. I took a photo of two horses a block from me but the photo was not all shiny and lovely like this photo. You have the knack of what to do with the sunlight.

Are you sure someone unfollowed you for the reason you think?

The open house issue is a big mistake for the people holding the open house. They probably treated each guest like you were treated and they must have missed out on lots of new business.

Anonymous said...

I've had the same thing happen on my blog and on my twitter feed when I've said that I'm happy/ feeling good about myself/ no probs.

I was shocked, but have concluded that anyone who is threatened by such sentiments is someone I'm better off not knowing. Still, I think that it's disheartening to know such negative nellies exist in this world.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate your pictures. we've had no one flake of snow this winter...

Unknown said...

like minds......smiles

Jody Pearl said...

Beautiful images - breathtaking! You have captured a light I know I've never seen before, having never experienced -18º.

I hear you loud & clear regards people saying what they don't mean. Being a small business operator it really pisses me off when other businesses advertise a service which they either don't know how to deliver or deliver in a less than satisfactory way. I think to myself, I didn't drag you kicking & screaming to say what you do, it was completely your idea - I'm just the mug that believed you.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

JeannetteLS said...

This is my first visit and I've just been smiling, wide-eyed at your photography.

And this entry sort of hit home where I live. "Open" houses that are anything BUT. I have worked for organizations that have been so uptight for these sorts of events that I felt like starting the day with a kazoo concert just to get people to get a grip--no. To RELAX.

I do not get it either.

And then I saw that you lost followers for having a GOOD LIFE????

I would like to put a whole row of question marks, but I guess four will do. I find it a relief and just wonderful to read about lives that are good. what, just because mine has been, oh, well, a tad colorful and bizarre, I shouldn't want to read about lives that people love? I am with you there, too. And that's why I want to follow your blog.

Reading about lives where people are happy keeps me more in balance.

Besides you post beautiful pictures. Have a good weekend.