Monday, February 13, 2012

it's a frosty winter world

our weather is changing - after several weeks of what is for us bitter cold - temps down to -18°C (that's around 0°F) - it's warming up to around freezing. that means gorgeous, still, foggy frost in the morning. whenever i have a wander with my camera in the morning quiet out here in the country,  all the broken water pipes and ugly ceilings and mis-matched windows fade away into unimportance.

this quiet, unbroken, gorgeous stillness is why we're here.


JeannetteLS said...

Well, this totally deep thought is simply this: These pictures were more and more breathtaking with each shot as I scrolled down. What an EYE you have!

And how could one noticed anything but that beauty.

Numinosity said...

This sure reminds me of someplace I've been. You're helping to remind me of that beautiful stillness that comes with the deep cold that I was so familiar with. Very nice shots, I can feel the crispness of the air in every shot.
xoxo Kim