Monday, February 06, 2012

first world concerns

i was just struck with an awareness that i live an incredibly privileged life...with plenty time to make nice friday evening dinners, solve the world's problems in daily discussions with my very cute husband, be there to pick up my child from school, have exciting work to do that both leaves me trembling with excitement and fear, ice skate in the middle of the afternoon on our lake with my 11-year-old, wander around taking photos when the light is right, stay up late reading murakami, drink a mid-afternoon latte, have blissful daily time to myself, spend half an hour every morning and evening feeding horses and bunnies and chickens in my own backyard and still have time left over to over-analyze and gaze at my own navel and write it all out here to the world in my macbook air. talk about spoiled.

thank you for reading.


The F Girl said...

I agree, we are priviliged. Which makes me even more aware of the question what we do with our lives and what we leave to the world.

Great post and beautiful photograph!

c is for cape town said...

Privilege (or awareness thereof) seems to be a theme today - I wrote about mine too.
But boy do I envy you that blissful alone time!
Embrace it all, the worst thing one can do with privilege is not appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

well how thoughtful in a sense. we're all deeply privileged in our own ways.

--maria said...

It's nice to stop and think of the things you are able to do in your life that someone else wishes for. I love your life and I love you do not take it for granted!