Thursday, February 16, 2012

tah dah!

i need to think happy thoughts to calm my blood pressure (that thing that i'm almost out of, but not quite is making me a bit crazy), so what better way than sharing a happy skating photo that sabin took of me the other day. we've had several days of meltiness and the ice isn't safe anymore, so this was our last proper skating, probably for the year. but it was glorious!

* * *

read the alabama chanin blog - it makes me happy and inspires me every time i do.
great stories and plenty of inspiration.
it's magic they're making.

* * *

over the past few days, i keep coming across art collectives.

and here (be sure to read this while you're there).

what would you do if you were part of an art collective?
(or what DO you do if you're part of one?)

* * *

best line i've read all day:

"the only excuse for not coming is that you hate fun." 

i would so hang out with those brooklyn brainery people.

if i were in brooklyn.
or had ever been to NYC.

* * *

would you believe i spent an hour today, surrounded by all my cameras talking to a local newspaper reporter about my 365 photo project and a photo project i'm trying to get started in our community and that i nearly forgot to take my photo of the day?

* * *

we're going to germany for lunch on saturday.
that's so much less exotic than it sounds.


will said...

No, I disagree ... a good lunch is exotic when not prepared in one's own kitchen.

Then again I just had left over spaghetti for my lunch.

julochka said...

bill - there is something to that. but there's also something to leftover spaghetti. it always tastes better the second time around.

Numinosity said...

Fun skating pic, most of my skating has been indoors because the ice gets too cold in AK for the skates to glide.
If I were in a collective I would want them to do my website for me. That Prisma one is so slick. I'm not quite sure what I would expect out of one really.
That Brooklyn Brainery does look like some fun. I think I need to add it to my list of things to follow.
xoxo Kim

The Gardener In A Green Dress said...

Wow...I REALLY want to crash that lecture series. Bus ticket to NYC?

Magpie said...

I can't believe you've never been to NYC.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ice skating! What a blast!!! You look so happy-- What a great photo.
xo jj

Lisa-Marie said...

I love that photo.

Also I WANT TO GO TO Germany for lunch!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Going to Germany for lunch :D

Wohoo, I would love to go skating too! It's been many, many years and I recently thought - hey, maybe I should try it again?

Come to my businessversary!!! :D
My blogiversary was way back in September; this is my afioribirthday!

LaAlicia said...

you are one brave lady to be on those ice skates -- you look right at home there! ;)