Friday, February 10, 2012

bringing back finishing friday

it's -15°C, so perfect for staying indoors and reviving the old concept of finishing friday.  i've got a stack of leather that's ready to be turned into iPad cases, some stones waiting for their feathers, a couple of sweaters in need of repair (not pictured), a scarf i'm working on for myself (there will be no way to finish that today, at the rate i knit), and book 3 of murakami's 1Q84. the book has to be back at the library in 10 days (not that it will take me that long to read it), so i fear that the book will win out. tho' it's nice to feel the inklings of creativity beginning to return, so perhaps a bit of sewing or painting will be in order as well.

happy weekend, one and all. what will you finish today?


Elizabeth said...

Nothing will be finished today but don't worry I live in valhalla at the moment.

The F Girl said...

Finishing something today? Probably not going to happen. I had all kinds of major cleaning plans, but then my love turned out to be home and he urged me to take a little nap. So now I am sitting in the sunlight, my eyes slowly closing, in total bliss thinking that that cleaning can happen some other time :)

I wish you a lovely weekend!

Numinosity said...

Finishing Friday...I like that concept.
I'm kind of in the starting mode after our big trip. Getting back to my studio with 1000 ideas but winnowing it down to some semblance of focus. I finished some earrings yesterday with my new stash from the gem show and the hard part seems to be photographing them, I don't have a handy formula yet for good shots.
Those are some luscious colors in your knitting there.
I think reading is a great way to rest your mind to prep for inspiration.
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

hmmm finish friday. i'm trying to think if i have anything that close to completion that by next friday i can have a finish. that'd be nice.