Sunday, February 03, 2013

at the beginning and at the end

the day started like this.

and ended like this.

in between, we drowned a rat (not as easy at you might think), planned a radical change in the living room, picked up our child from her weekend away, knitted, watched utter crap (read: toddlers & tiaras) on TLC, processed some photos, uploaded them, discovered a funny (but not brilliant) program called black books on netflix, found some hilarious old photos and uploaded them to facebook and just generally enjoyed a lovely sunday.

hope you did too.
except for the part with the rat.
that wasn't that much fun.


Unknown said...

you made me laugh....I would love to know how to drown a rat.....although, I hope to never need the skill.....smiles

Spilling Ink said...

Re. Black Books: not brilliant but somehow I'd still like to have people like that on the fringe of my life. I feel that Bernard has a lot to teach. :P~

globeonmytable said...

Sad about the rat as we used to have pet rats when I was growing up.

We have a ratting cat from next door who kills some of the rats, mice etc who have a community around our compost heap. I put our peelings on the compost heap and so we have our own balanced cycle of life. No poison or drownings, just hunting and killing. I have to gently put the dead bodies under the bushes away from the house. They are very beautiful and all different. That is sad too, but in a different way.

Veronica Roth said...

I was going to say...except for the rat! Oh, boy, Chloe had to watch t&t for a CMNS course, (understanding tv) I watched it with her and can't think of a greater bunch of rubbish than possibly dog the bounty hunter. Ugg.