Monday, February 11, 2013

feverish thoughts and a gratuitous bunny photo

i'm sick. but at least there are bunnies. i tried to fight it all day, but i'm aching all over, my head is incredibly stuffed up and my ears are ringing so loud i asked my family if they could hear it. i had a fitful, feverish nap this afternoon, where i dreamed that husband put our big old giant webster's dictionary outside on a trash pile. i found it flipping in the wind and a bit wet from rain and i was so mad, even after i woke up, that i had to call husband and yell at him. he felt that was a little unfair, pointing out that he couldn't help what was happening over in my dream life. i said, what if that's real life and this is all a dream.


Unknown said...

Oh thank you for the sweet....but feel better soon!....smiles

DahnStarr said...

He (husand) should be happy to know that he is in both your "real life" and "dream life"...lucky man. (Feel well)

SH -ic said...

you are reading too much Potter:))best wishese .. get up soon .. dear JUL