Sunday, February 10, 2013

who doesn't want to indulge their inner morticia addams?

I wanted these chairs today, but we restrained.

in some strange fit of wanting to be morticia addams today, i tried to convince husband that we simply had to buy these chairs. they really were quite comfortable and tho' i would recover them if i owned them (can you imagine them covered in heather's herds fabric? swoon!), i did fall a little bit in love with that red velvet. but they were a little pricey for both to indulge what was a momentary infatuation. silly husband and his sensible side, tho' he did agree that they were quite comfy.

on the whole, it wasn't a very satisfying day at the flea market. the one we usually go to is in some kind of transitional state - all of the good booths seem to have been tidied up in a not good way and that meant there were no surprises or bargains lurking in a forgotten corner underneath a stack of crocheted doilies. it's funny how that leaves me feeling unfulfilled. i didn't get any little treasures from the 70s and not even a sniff of an old camera, tho' i did briefly fondle an old typewriter. disappointing for sure. on the way home, we found a really nice, large antique store (that's where these red chairs were) that we will be going back to visit again. they had quite some amazing collections of glassware and enamelware and old-fashioned oil lamps, all very neatly arranged and well-displayed.

so tell me, would you have resisted these chairs (bearing in mind they cost $300 apiece or $600 for both)?


will said...

Using IKEA as a reference, they're expensive. However, if you compare them with chairs found at Design Within Reach or Hive Modern, the chairs are definitely inexpensive.

Michelle said...

I LOVE THEM!! Except you'd have to have an upholsterer that you love to work with.... that puts me off buying stuff.

Miss Footloose said...

Not crazy about those chairs, but I'd need to see what they'd look like in a different fabric. The red velvet would fit nicely in an old-fashioned girly boudoir. Not that I ever had a boudoir.

You would go ga-ga over the flea market in Yerevan, Armenia. They have the most amazing Soviet-era vintage stuff, including medical and dental equipment from a hundred years ago that will give you nightmares just looking at it.

I love flea markets!