Friday, February 01, 2013

just call me greta garbo

let Friday evening begin

it's friday evening and i find myself blissfully alone. husband is attending a party in stavanger and the child took the train over to the other side of the country to attend a sleep-over with her best friend. so it's just me and the cats this evening. and a nice bottle of south african chenin blanc (with just a hint of voignier, as it brags on the label). and possibly a nibble or two of goat cheese.

i am in need of quiet. of my book. of my knitting. of a bit of frivolous television. i must charge up for tomorrow - an event i've been planning and working on for weeks is finally happening. there were wrenches thrown into the works all week and one big one today, but it's all ok now. i am a superwoman problem solver, despite my lack of a cape. as we say in danish, det ska nok gå. but first, a blissful evening alone. those are few and far between, but very, very welcome.

happy weekend, one and all.

* * *

an incredible story of a family who lived isolated for 40 years in the russian taiga.
talk about self-sufficiency.


Elizabeth said...


The newspaper article I already read this morning, it is truly amazing that they lived/survived for so long!!!!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Sounds like a lovely and much-needed restful evening. Have a super nice weekend!